If you have any questions about the Bryce Jordan Center policies, please contact the Bryce Jordan Center Ticket Center at (814) 865-5555.

Limited Bag Policy


Fans attending events in the Bryce Jordan Center will be permitted small purses (max size 12"x12"), fanny packs, diaper and medical bags (all subject to inspection). Large bags, backpacks, totes and coolers are strictly prohibited.  The Bryce Jordan Center's Limited Bag Policy is subject to change.  Please check the event details for any additional restrictions.

Camera Policy


Flash photography, professional camera or recording equipment (including cameras with detachable lenses, any form of camera stand or audio/video recording devices, laptops or tablets) laser pointers or other electronics are strictly prohibited. Small, non-professional cameras (eg: camera phones) are permitted.  The Bryce Jordan Center's Camera Policy is subject to change.  Please check the event details for any additional restrictions.

Cell Phones


Use of cellular phones is permitted in the Bryce Jordan Center.  Wifi through AT&T is available throughout the building. The Bryce Jordan Center's Cellular Phone Policy is subject to change.  Please check the event details for any additional restrictions.

Parking Policy


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Area Construction Update

The primary lot for accessible parking spaces is located immediately west of Beaver Stadium. Access to this lot is available off of University Drive. For the convenience and safety of all Jordan Center guests, pickup will be delayed until pedestrian traffic is cleared on Curtin Road at the end of all events. See map Entrances. All of the main gates, Gates A-D, are accessible entrances that are equipped with automatic door openers for convenience.

ADA parking is available at the section of Lot 44 near Bryce Jordan Center Gate B, just across from the All-Sports Museum, and at the first row of spaces along Curtin Road at Stadium West, across from the Bryce Jordan Center Ticket Center. In addition to a valid state-issued ADA placard or license plate, a valid Penn State parking permit or payment of the event parking fee is also required.

Prices for parking are as follows:

  • $5.00 - Basketball games 
  • $8.00 – Advance parking for general public*
  • $10.00 – Day of event parking for general public
  • $30.00 – RV/Bus parking, both advance and day of event
  • No charge with valid Penn State Parking Permit



Wheelchairs can be acquired by going to the Guest Relations booths on the concourse at Gates A and C and are available at any gate upon request. Bryce Jordan Center wheelchairs are for temporary use only. They are to be used for transportation of persons with mobility impairments to assist them to their seating area. Patrons should bring their own wheelchair if they wish to use it for their seating during the event.

Ticket Center

The Bryce Jordan Center Ticket Center has a wheelchair accessible window located in the main lobby of the Ticket Center office. The ADA window is continuously staffed during hours of operation (9:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday.  The Ticket Office has occasional Saturday and Sunday hours, which vary depending on scheduled events and ticket on-sales. Please contact our ticket office to confirm hours of operation for the weekend.). Tickets are also available at selected Penn State campus outlets in Altoona, HUB-Robeson Center, Eisenhower Auditorium South Box Office and at the Penn State Downtown Theater.

Seating Accommodations

It is important to notify the Bryce Jordan Center at the time of purchase of your access needs including seating, assistive listening, or other needs. The existence of handrails, width of steps, and steepness of steps are a few items you may want to inquire about when requesting seat locations. Each individual with ADA seating accommodations may have a maximum of three companions in the same area. Access can be gained by entering the four main gates. There are no stairs to ascend or descend. If entering the mezzanine level, use the elevator to the concourse level (level 3).

Other Accommodations

All restrooms located throughout the building are ADA accessible. Restrooms are available on all three levels of the building. ADA accessible elevators are located between Gates A and D and Gates B and C. All concession stands are wheelchair accessible, with lowered counters on either the far left or far right of each stand. Assistive listening devices are available at Guest Relations booths, located at Gates A and C on the concourse (headset devices available). Nursing mothers' station available. Please see attendant at either Guest Relations booths, located at Gates A and C for assistance.

Cell Phones

Guest Code of Conduct

Guests will be treated in a professional and courteous manner by all BJC personnel.  The same treatment is expected in return.

Guests are required to sit in their ticketed seat.  When requested by BJC staff, a valid ticket must be made available for inspection.

Guests are expected to refrain from the use of foul language, obscenities and disruptive behavior.  If you witness this type of behavior, please report it to the nearest BJC staff member or text "BJC <space> your section and row number" to "69050".

Guests engaged in the following activities will be ejected from the venue: fighting (verbal and/or physical), harassment, throwing of any object.

The BJC reserves the right to confiscate items deemed to be dangerous, offensive, explicit or distracting.

Responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages at some events is permitted.  To protect guests, staff and the facility, the BJC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Guests must be fully clothed during visits to the BJC.  The BJC reserves the right to refuse admittance or to eject individuals who are not in compliance.

Smoking of any kind of prohibited in all University facilities.  BJC staff can direct individuals to designated smoking areas.

To ensure everyone's safety in the event of an emergency, guests are required to comply with direction from authorized BJC staff.

The BJC reserves the right to escort guests from the building who enter the arena floor or backstage areas without proper authorization.

Thank you for your cooperation

Our goal is a memorable and safe event for everyone.  Suggestions on ways to improve guest experiences at the BJC are welcomed and encouraged.  Thank you for your cooperation from the management and staff of the Bryce Jordan Center.